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Many of the problems that riders experience result from improper balance and lack of awareness of what their bodies are in fact doing in the saddle. The Simulator helps riders achieve correct proper rider bio mechanics and “body awareness”.

The horse simulator is perfectly schooled and capable of doing advanced movements such as piaffe, passage, collected walk, trot and canter, medium trot, medium canter, lateral work and rein back. The Simulator has neck, poll and jaw flexion which can be felt through the reins. The leg aids are detected by ‘on the girth’ and ‘behind the girth’ sensors. There are also seat sensors under the saddle which tell us whether the rider is sitting straight or has more weight on one side than the other. The riders seat, leg, and rein contact are reflected on the screen so the rider obtains instant feedback on their position. This allows the rider and instructor to fully assess the riders performance, balance, and individual bio mechanics. It also allows the rider to practice new or advanced movements or real-time dressage tests.

It is an excellent tool for every rider from beginner to grand prix, from hunters, jumpers, western, dressage, trail riders, para riders endurance riders and pleasure riders, young and old! 

The simulator is also an excellent tool for riders coming off an injury or surgery. It allows the rider to ride in a very safe environment and build up their muscle and stamina. 

"The art of riding lies in making the horse easy to ride, but unfortunately until the rider can sit right, the horse will not go right."-Mary Wanless

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