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Healing in Harmony with Horses offers a unique and powerful approach to therapy by using our horses as part of the therapeutic process.

Our Healing in Harmony with Horses program is run by Susan, a registered Social Worker and Equine Psychotherapist who has 35 years experience working with individuals and families. She is also a certified Advanced Facilitated Equine Experiential Learning Practitioner (F.E.E.L.).

Equine therapy is a treatment modality that has been gaining popularity and momentum all over the world. It is a relatively new approach to therapy and has been successful in helping people who have suffered from depression, mental illness, learning disabilities, PTSD, addictions, eating disorders, anxiety and trauma to name a few. Healing In Harmony With Horses is an experiential, psychotherapeutic model that has a powerful effect on the individual by using the horse as a catalyst to heal emotional wounds and bring about change. It is an exploration of an individual’s relationship with self and others by bringing together talk therapy, movement therapy and equine therapy. 

Our philosophy centres on building a safe and supportive environment that recognizes and affirms the unique value of each person.  Our treatment philosophy is realized through a metaphorical connection with horses. This enables the individual to become aware of their thoughts, emotions and behaviour and work through issues they may bring, expanding one’s self-awareness during the therapeutic process.

People are able to overcome trauma and achieve remarkable progress in the presence of horses at a much quicker rate than mainstream therapy. Come and experience a session for yourself which can include the simulator as well as our special horses. Healing in Harmony with Horses heals one heart and soul at a time!

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