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I have had the pleasure of taking lessons with Sue on the sim on many occasions and each visit is full of A HA moments! Sue is incredibly knowledgeable and is always seeking new opportunities to learn and grow. She is a delightful teacher and I always end each lesson inspired and excited to come back. With clients from across the globe returning again and again it is a true credit to Sue s expertise. She is kind and supportive and cares very much about your learning journey.

Lisa, Oakville

Well, I have been riding my whole life and I was humbled today to see where my issues were in the saddle. I had no idea how tight my hips were or that I gripped with my right leg with my toes sticking out. I will be working on my hips from now on and have come away with a number of exercises I can do both in the saddle and on the ground to work on my issues until my next simulator lesson! Thank you!


Silvio, Switzerland

Riding the simulator was a great experience for me because it made me aware of how to better coordinate all the individual muscles of my body. Thank you so much, you are a great teacher and it was a lot of fun! It was worth making the trip here from Switzerland.


I've taken a couple lessons at very different times in my life on the simulator with Sue - from needing to rebuild confidence at the canter after a fall to rebuilding my body after suffering birth injuries delivering my son. I've walked away every time feeling accomplished; with pride in myself knowing I am learning from the best and in turn, doing the best I can to achieve my goals. Sue has an unmatched ability to both make you feel invincible and push you to meet your goals. Her education in riding, horsemanship and physical rehabilitation through use of the Franklin method aids her ability to pinpoint trouble areas and then offer a multitude of solutions. I am so grateful our paths crossed as I know I will be back again and again for years to come!


After more than a few years out of the saddle, this middle aged, out of shape, acute Asthmatic decided to go back to riding. Along with lessons on a real horse, my coach thought I would benefit from a session with Sue and the Interactive Simulator. I thought it was going to be a fun ride on a "perfectly schooled horse" with no buck, spook or bolt. Little did I know that it is the equivalent of having an expert personal trainer stretch, adjust and position you, all while riding, to develop and maintain optimum balance in the saddle. Where else can you be cantering and have your coach position your leg into the appropriate location? That experience began a monthly journey for me that is now 2 years in the making. A year ago I suffered a catastrophic fall that resulted in a broken neck, 2 broken vertebrae in my back and 2 broken ribs. Needless to say, I was out of commission for some time and of course, the doctor(s) said that "Going back to riding was probably not an option". Sue and the Sim got me back into the saddle not once, but twice! Not only is it beneficial physiologically, creating muscle memory and improving balance but also psychologically by increasing confidence, stability and form. I highly recommend Sue and the Sim for ALL levels of riding. 



Learning body position awareness on Sim has been a powerful benefit to my riding ability. Susan’s experience in viewing and identifying problem areas is instrumental in the process. Susan teaches and customizes visualization, and body-mind connection techniques to perfection. It is fantastic. Highly recommended!



“My daughter and I would highly encourage any rider who wishes to improve their balance, seat and position to try a session!! The instructor was knowledgeable, friendly and able to hone in on areas to be improved quickly and suggest helpful correction techniques that had immediate results. This was a wonderful experience and would be equally beneficial to all levels of riders from beginner to advanced. Thank you so much, we will be back!!


I absolutely love my Sim lessons. They have taught me so much not only about riding but about myself. The body awareness, balance and strength I have gained is truly remarkable. I highly recommend trying the Sim. No matter if you are a new rider like me or an experienced rider, there is always something new to learn . You will not be disappointed.



Sue is so very passionate about what she does and she makes your experience on the Sim one to be remembered. All of the lessons learned while on the SIM have been huge game changers for me and my riding. I have had 2 babies and wanted to start out my riding again with proper posture and bio mechanics and Sue and the SIM have helped me achieve my goals,  get rid of old muscle memories and gain the core and seat Ive been dreaming about. I highly recommend taking a ride on the SIM. It is SO fun and helpful.

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