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Learn to ride correctly in a safe environment

Increase fitness and core strength.

Perfect for injuries or loss of confidence.

Discover proper balance and biomechanics of horse and rider.

Beneficial for all disciplines.

Enhancing flatwork and dressage work.


Roozaro Farm is nestled in the Kawartha Lakes region in South Eastern Ontario, just north east of Toronto.  We have been offering riding lessons on our horse simulator, the first one in Canada, for the past 9 years. 

It has been an honour to watch so many riders improve their riding by bringing awareness to how their bodies respond in the saddle. Our instructor Susan has dedicated years to riding the simulator and training with many coaches focusing on rider bio mechanics and body awareness. Susan has been an avid rider for many decades - she rode as a child and showed in the hunter ring and then Evented with her Thoroughbred mare Roo for many years. Her main focus and love is in Dressage and the importance of rider bio mechanics in the saddle and rider fitness, regardless of discipline. Susan is also a Stott Pilates Instructor and combines her experiences to offer riders postural assessments and exercises off the horse to help clients focus on their specific needs in the saddle.

On August 1st 2020, Susan became one of two Canadians certified as a Franklin Ball clinician. Adding techniques from the world renowned Franklin Method deepens the riders body awareness. Through using the balls in various ways, riders are able to correct asymmetries and body imbalances in a short period of time.

Our clients come from all over Canada and the United States for either one-off or regular lessons.  We also offer weekend, or longer group workshops.  Once the riders realize the benefits of the horse simulator, most of our riders return many times and it is amazing to watch their improvements each time they return!

Roozaro Farm is not only home to the Interactive Horse Simulator, but also Healing in Harmony with Horses which offers a unique and powerful approach to therapy. This program is run by Susan who is a registered Social Worker and Equine Psychotherapist with 35 years experience working with individuals and families. She is also a certified Advanced Facilitated Equine Experiential Learning Practitioner (F.E.E.L.).



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